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Building a 4/5 ports network appliance with PC Engines APU and CXM-CASE1BLK enclosure

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le Lundi, 07 Novembre 2016
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Introduction to the Calexium CXM-CASE1BLK modular and compact enclosure

The Calexium designed and manufactured high-quality CXM-CASE1BLK modular enclosure is a very flexible, cost effective and space saving compact enclosure sold on our online store since 2013 for PC Engines Alix 2Dx, 2D3, 2D13, APU1, APU2 and OpenVox IPC100, IPC110, IPC120 system board.



It allow easy enhancement of the supported system boards by providing :

  • up to two 2.5 inch HDD for NAS systems, logs storage etc.
  • 2 x additional Gigabit ports for PC Engines Alix board with Calexium designed CXM-mPCI2LAN
  • up to 2 x additional Gigabit ports for PC Engines APU board with the Delock 95228/95237 network card, we will show in this article how to integrate them within our enclosure
  • 2 x WiFi
  • laser marking for easy placement of the necessary heat spreader for PC Engines APU1, APU2 system board

The CXM-CASE1BLK high-modularity and compact size design make it a perfect choice for any cost effective network appliance assemblies through its set of features, easy mounting and high quality black brushed anodized finishing which allow laser marking and greater heat dissipation due to ventilation holes.

High quality laser marking is also available, please contact the Calexium staff for any specific needs.




Building a 4/5 ports network appliance with PC Engines APU by integrating the Delock 95228/95237 network card and a 2.5" HDD into the Calexium CXM-CASE1BLK enclosure.


We will see how to build a 4/5 ports network appliance with PC Engines APU system board and Calexium enclosure.

It should take much less than one hour to have the 4/5 ports network appliance ready.

There is one issue regarding the integration of the Delock network board into the Calexium enclosure which is that Delock network board screw holes does not match the Calexium enclosure holes, the reason is that the Calexium enclosure was designed to be used with Calexium CXM-mPCI2LAN for PC Engines Alix boards but we will adress this issue in this article by adapting nicely the Delock network card to fit into the Calexium enclosure.

Another reported issue was that the HDD could not be mounted easily with the network card, we will show that it can be mounted easily by elevating the HDD.

Parts list:


Step 1 : Preparing the enclosure for 4/5 ports integration by removing front panel holes


This should look like this for the Delock 95237

CXM-CASE1BLK and Deloc 95237


Step 2 : Preparing and mounting the Delock 1/2 ports network card

To eliminate the issue with the non corresponding screw holes of the Delock board, one of the hole on the Delock 95237 must be carefully cut as pictured below, for the Delock 95228, two holes must be cut in order to place it correctly, this is the only trick that we have to use to fit the boards into the enclosure.

Deloc 95239Deloc 95237Deloc 95239Deloc 95237


Step 3 : Preparing the HDD

To mount the HDD, 4 x 20mm struts (not sold by Calexium) are used as pictured below to elevate the HDD and make it fit with the Delock boards, there is still some room for one more HDD by placing it above the first one.

HDD and Deloc boards into CXM-CASE1BLKHDD and Deloc boards into CXM-CASE1BLK


Step 4 : CXM-CASE1BLK regular mounting

Now, you can go through the usual assembly process of the Calexium enclosure.

Delock boards into CXM-CASE1BLKDelock boards into CXM-CASE1BLK


Looking for a completely modular enclosure which adapt to all kinds of realizations ?

RackMatrix® 1U modular enclosure.

 RackMatrix® modular enclosureRackMatrix® modular enclosure

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