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Need help or informations ? Contact us...
- By the Calexium message board
Available 24/24
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For any questions or informations our message board is available 24/24 and may contain the information you need.

The Calexium's support staff and also the Calexium's products user reply to your question.

Go to the Calexium Forum
- By the Calexium Support Center
Available 24/24
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The best way to obtain support for a Calexium product is through our specialized support ticket system.

Go to the Calexium Support Center
- If you want to buy technical support logo Calexium Store
You bought a Calexium product and need technical support, support offers are available on our store for the MailFountain product, Elastix®, pfSense® and OPNsense® software.

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- By e-mail
Available monday to friday during work hours (except french public holiday) - french and english only
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Do not forget in your message to supply the serial number of the product.

- By phone
Available monday to friday during work hours (except french public holiday) - french and english only
Calexium does not provide phone support to end users, it is only available to resellers and systems integrator who have subscribed to a specific contract with our services.

If the user has not subscribed for assistance from its reseller, Calexium can not solve this problem.

If you need to subscribe for assistance for your company, please look at the other contact options and way to get support on this page.