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miniPCI 2 ports Gigabit pour Alix 2d3/2d13/2d2Carte miniPCI 2 ports Gigabit pour Alix 2D3/2D13/2D2Carte miniPCI 2 ports Gigabit pour Alix 2D3/2D13/2D2

miniPCI 2 ports Gigabit for Alix 2D3/2D13/2D2

Especially designed by Calexium for PC Engines Alix board series 2Dx, that miniPCI card allows to add 2  Gigabit Ethenert ports. With 5 Ethernet ports whose 2 ports Giga, mounted in Calexium CXM-CASE1BLK enclosure for this purpose, offer new possibilities and uses for PC Engines board, such as firewalls, network appliance, NAS, VoIP, firewall failover...




Technical specification

2 x Realtek RTL8110SC (10/100/1000 Mbps)

Dimension : 49 x 60 mm

Manufacturer : Calexium

Warranty : 1 an

Compatibility : Linux, FreeBSD, windows

Drivers : Download

Tested routers: pfSense, ZeroShell, Opios


2 external RJ45 port
Gigabit Interconnection between 2 Alix board and 1 external RJ45
Interconnexion entre 2 Alix
2 x Gigabit inerconnection between 2 Alix board